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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 18, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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secret option number two is diet and exercise. i am not judging. i can't do it. but they are out there. i would love to know your thoughts on whether you would take it. let me know what you think about the media bias segment. thank you for watching, everyone. >>shepard: the news begins anew, on "studio b" today. a major change to report in the strategy for america's longest war. the pentagon now is suspending joint missions between the united states soldier and afghan soldiers with a growing number of insider attacks. what does this mean for the end of the war? or the war now? we have details from the pentagon. and the attack on diplomatic missions across the middle east putting foreign policy on the campaign trail controversial. the potential impact on the undecided voters coming up. a study suggests letting your kid take the occasional sip of alcohol may really not be the
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best way to stop your child from becoming a heavy drinker later on. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." but, first, from fox at 3:00 in new york city, the race if the white house. the republican presidential nominee, mitt romney, is responding today to a video shot in may during a private fundraiser. an attendee secretly recorded and it gave it to the liberal website "mother jones." in the video, he touches on everything from foreign policy to the economy. at one point he calls president obama supporters "people who are dependent upon the government who believe they are victims." listen. >> the president starts off with 48 or 49, a huge number, people who pay no income tax, 47 percent of americans pay no income tax. our message of low taxes does not connect. they will talk about tax cuts to the rip. that is what they sell every four years. my job, then, is not to worry
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about them, i will never get those people. i have to convince the 5 percent to 10 percent that are independent. >>shepard: everyone who is not required to pay federal income tax is not an obama supporter or does he consider himself a victim. according to the tax policy center of those who do not pay federal income taxes 44 percent are retired and 30 percent get credits because they have children and, or, are among the working poor who do not make enough money to be required to pay taxes. governor mitt romney any responded to the firestorm over the video in a short news conference last night saying that his position was not el guaranteely stated and he was speaking off the cuff. but he stands by his statement saying he is trying to bring in the 5 percent to 10 percent in the policy middle. today, conservatives are split on the comments. bill kristol said that romney seems to have contempt, not just
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for democrats who oppose him but for the tens of millions of americans who intend to vote if him. he called the remarks arrogant and stupid as he says were those of senator senator and candidate obama in 2008 when he said that people in small towns with high unemployment cling to guns or religion toward people not like this. senator obama still won the election and became president. as i reported, conservatives seem split with today many editorial writers calling the remarks a "breath of fresh air." carl cameron is following governor romney in dallas. fundraising is going on now. i guess opening up fundraisers and press to cameras is in response to the video. is that right? >>carl: well, the romney campaign has been planning it for several weeks and today is the first time in the 2012 they let cameras into the fundraisers, the irony it is amid the controversy over the fundraiser that took place last
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may in florida. he did not back away, and he has been making the argument throughout the campaign that the obama policy, the obama agenda, contributes to a dependency society and a culture across the country of a sense of entitlement. that is what romney said last night in the news conference called and got the press up at 10:00 eastern time saying it is not about the obama liberal base but making the remarks from the original tape not his base, but it is about the folks in the middle. here is how he described it. i said among those that pay no tax, approximately 47 percent of americans, i'm not likely to be highly successful with a message of lowering taxes. those who rely on government, are not administration attracted to my message of slimming down the size of government. >>carl: republicans see a value in making the statement without some of the perceived
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slurs that democrats have attributed to the statements in the tape, from may. the conservatives are democrats are fighting it out. but romney campaign is not changing their tune. there is commentary in the original tape about the palestinian and israeli situation where he suggests that a two-state peaceful solution was potentially out of reach. romney campaign said the governor is obviously hoping for a two-state solution but given the palestinian's unwillingness to negotiate, that is not an option according to what he said in may. it is a big controversy for mitt romney and the fact he now is opening up his fundraisers to the news, that is an attempt to be more transparent, and, frankly, to get more of the message out. the money has kept him off the tv screens for month, and now he will be seen doing that and talking to donors, as well. >>shepard: you played a sound bite from governor romney where he mentioned the 47 percent in
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the fundraiser, people he called , who saw themselves as "victims." and three of four or elderly or young people who get tax credits because of children. will he be more specific about that? >>carl: romney's travel schedule, he has been going to rural ohio, iowa, virginia, and florida, dealing with the folks who are not necessarily income taxpayers. of the 47 percent, and some studies say it is up to 51 percent who do not pay income tax, 50 percent pay payroll taxes so they have withholding from their paychecks for medicare and social security and he do have jobs. one in five of the 47 percent who do not pay income taxes are seniors whose entitlement programs, mitt romney has
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decided to protect. he has to be careful to not offend republicans fall nothing that category. they are aware of that. in the original remarks, the romney campaign last night reiterated he was not worried about the already decided partisans but the moderate swing voters in the middle. there is concern that the last and his choice of words were inelegant. democrats say they were shocking. there are republicans who called them stupid. they recognize the rhetoric was not the best. he acknowledged that. the objective is to make 9 point that the obama agenda breeds dependency and entitlement sensibilities. for the record, romney is actually gaining ground again. the bounce that happened after the democratic national convention seems to have virtually disappeared in the latest poll. now it is one-point race and president obama up a point. obviously well within the margin of of error.
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romney is recognizing that there is potential damage to this and he held the news conference last night, but not backing away from the overall sentiment. >>shepard: carl cameron, thanks very were. governor romney will give his first interview since the story broke to neil cavuto in less less than an hour. "your world," at 4:00 eastern and 3:00 central on fnc. a change in afghanistan could shape up the military mission. the pentagon has announced it is suspending most joint operations between united states troops and afghan troops. this is in response to a dramatic increase in insider attacks. those attacks are when afghan forces turn their guns on the nato allies. according to the reporting of the associated press it has happened 36 times this year leaving 51 troops dead, most of them, according to the ap, americans, more attacks in the last two years, combined..s. tro
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longer work, side by side with afghan forces and that could, according to analysts, throw a wrench in plans to train the afghans to take over the fighting. today, the white house said that the shift will not change the timeline for withdrawal. >> the president's policy of gradually turning over security to afghan forces, continues. that is part of a broader strategy that will result in more american troops coming home and afghans taking more and greater responsibility. >>shepard: british lawmakers are saying this threatens to "blow a hole," in nato's exit strategy. jennifer is live at the pentagon. which joint operations are suspended? are they suspended indefinitely or until when, exactly? >>reporter: they are not saying until when. it is temporary. the kind of operations are where two or three afghan are working
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with a teen of mentors. those operations and joint patrols have been halted temporarily. this british member of parliament who served in the military summed up the feeling right now. always i am fed up with watching our seriously good soldiers waste their lives, have their lives wasted by people who are meant to be our friends. >>reporter: officials at the pentagon and in afghan are trying to down play how the latest move could jeopardize the u.s. and nato's exit strategy. >> i don't think the attacks indicate that the taliban is stronger. i think what it indicates is that they are resorting to efforts to strike at our forces and create chaos but do not, in any way, result in their regaining territory that has been lost. >>reporter: at larger level,
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u.s. commanders and nato commanders can still partner with afghans and go out on the operations. so, it is a little confusing but it is basically the smaller patrols where afghan security forces have been turning their guns on u.s. and nato troops. >>shepard: what is the pentagon statement about how this does change strategy, if at all, exit strategy i am talking about. >>reporter: they are not saying and the white house is not saying it changes the strategy. the strategy is to have most combat troops leave in 2014, about two more years of troops being there. this month is when the surge troops that president obama sent in will have left so there will now be 68,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan but the strategy basically to leave has depended on partnering, training, and handing over to the afghans so the combat force cross leave in 2014. training is continuing and joint
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operations are continuing but, here is how a pentagon spokesman explained it and i quote, "this does not mean that there will be no partnering below that level. now such partnering will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and approved by commanders. no one should interpret this as anything more than a prudent response to recent events. we remain committed to our goals and strategy in afghanistan." if anything, this looks like a cooling off period in the wake of that youtube video which caused a suicide bombing together, and, also, because of the spate of insider attacks. they just want to calm things down. >>shepard: thank you, jennifer griffin. and now, a former intelligence officer, head of diligent innovation consulting firm in washington on a dark day in washington. mike, it is good to see you. here is the thing: my understanding of the goal is we have one goal in what remains of this war and that is to train the afghan forces to take over
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security. how can we train the afghan forces to take over security if we cannot be this with them? >>guest: that is right. we can't. the fact of the matter is --. >>shepard: our goal? >>guest: we have accepted the broader picture of defeat when it comes to afghan mission. if that mission is defined as trying to turn afghanistan into a stable place where the current power can defeat the taliban. it will not happen. we are waiting for two years to pull identity and it is frankly a shame because a lost great people are dying in the meantime. >>shepard: and the secretary of defense is saying that it is not as if they are taking over anymore ground but isn't another way to interpret this as the other side knows what our goal if this war is, too, and if we kill the people who are supposed to be training them, the people who are supposed to be training them cannot train them? >>guest: sure, sure, that is correct. but more to the point they do not have to take over ground
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today, they can take over the ground when we leave. the institutions we are building up, the soldiers that are this are not trained well enough and there will not be money and logistics and air support and other things so it is the reality. it will fail. >>shepard: thank you, mike barrett in washington, dc. [ female announcer ] want to spend less and retire with more?
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>>shepard: al qaeda affiliate in north africa celebrated the murder of the u.s. ambassador to libya and called muslims to kill more american diplomats postage statement on a jihad website congratulating the men who attacked the consulate in libya, claiming it was revenge for the low-budget anti-islam movie that mocked the prophet mohammed. it is not clear whether that movie was the real spark for the attack the state department reports that the assault was a spontaneous reaction to protests in cairo over the video but libya's interim president and many american lawmakers say it looks to them more like a
12:18 pm
pre-planned terror attack. catherine has the news like in washington, dc. the administration appears to be walking back this claim of a simultaneous attack for what is to most people probably obvious reasons. >>reporter: on monday on this broadcast, based on information from the intelligence source on the ground if libya we reported there was a significant or sizable demonstration when the consulate was attacked at approximately 9:35 p.m. this because not an ongoing demonstration that spiraled out-of-control and led to the assault. this video backs up some of our reporting and it shows a man carrying rpg's but no demonstration. a short time ago the administration left the door open that more than a movie was behind the assault. >> what i can tell is this: we have provided information about what we believe was the precipitating cause of the protests and the violence based on the information we have had available. there is an ongoing vision.
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the f.b.i. is investigating. that investigation will follow the facts wherever they lead. >> as if any warning fox news is told that the c.i.a. assessed the security situation in eastern libya was deteriorating based on attacks june, specifically in benghazi and the briefing carney said he was not aware of any specific warning. >>shepard: tell us about your information, catherine, regarding possible terror camps near our embassy in benghazi. >>reporter: well, the libyan president blamed foreign spiders, code for islamists saying suspects from mali and algeria are among the 50 arrests. fox is told that there are at least two suspects training camps in libya. one is 75 miles from the scene of muammar qaddafi's death and the second is near the generation border a lawless area
12:20 pm
where al qaeda and their north african affiliate has been raising money through kidnapping. the catches have been under the microscope when a motorcade was attacked by a rocket propelled grenade, the ambassador survived but two in the security team were injured. a congressional source said drone assets capable of surveillance and much more have new been "re-positioned in response to that consulate attack." >>shepard: thank you, catherine, from washington, dc. >> many of the people who get social security benefits, disability benefits may not actually deserve them. that's the finding of a group of lawmakers in washington. what is the problem? what can be done for fix the problem in we will get into that as "studio b" continues after this. omega 3s, and less saturated fat? it's eb.
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>>shepard: a new senate report suggests officials in the social security administration are wrongly awarding disability benefits. senator coburn led an investigation into 300 cases and according to the senator's report, officials approved disability benefits in more than 25 percent of the cases with "insufficient or contradictory evidence." the report indicates judges are often rushing through a backlog of claims which could have enormous consequences for taxpayers potentially costing millions of dollars. now, a former senior vice president of private wealth management and morgan stanley and the founder of investment management company. nice to see you. what we have so far, sir, is the senator's report, but what do you maybe of what we have? >>guest: well, it doesn't surprise me. we hear about fraud or waste in
12:25 pm
government. in fact, senator coburn is trick. he does this all the time. he is going back and trying to fine, where can we save money without spending more money, literally catching the pockets that come up. what he did not do is go too far. the judge who was the biggest culprit in terms of allowing for disability insurance or benefits was right there in his backyard, right there in oklahoma city, a judge there named o'brian who was responsible for about 90 percent of the cases they found in the report. my numbers may not be exactly right but he was named in this report. >>shepard: is it the suggestion here that this was done for some nefarious purpose or, again, government is not doing its job as it is supposed to do its job? >>guest: well, this is so much information coming at us each day i have a feel this is not partisan. i don't think there was anything that was done on purpose. i think everyone is so busy just trying to get through thing, why
12:26 pm
not throw another couple of billion dollars out there. we are already overspending $1.3 billion a year. that is what our government spending. that is more than what we bring in. why not throw out a couple more billion is the idea. it does not make sense to any of us watching right now or listening to this but the government has tremendous waste and we need to stop it. >>shepard: no question. i don't think many americans disagree with that. there has been a suggestion that in the tough economic times as people look for ways to stay afloat, what some people are doing is applying for disability benefits when they do not qualify for them. >>guest: they don't. in fact, disability benefits, to get them, and i went on to look it is not hard to apply, what you are looking for and what this says, you have to believe you going to be out of work because of your disability for a year or longer. some people have no idea when they get off of unemployment benefits they start looking at there and people are making a good living living off the government and there is not a lot of incentive to go out there and get a job they don't want so we will see more and more of
12:27 pm
this if we do not get the economy going real soon. >>shepard: sir, thank you, appreciate it very much. the pundits have said the economy will decide thiselectio. the explosion of violence overseas and other items stand to sway some voters who have not made up their mind. we are getting reports of a tornado warning, in effect now, 61-mile-per-hour wind at dulles airport, and the national weather service in sterling, virginia, issue additur -- issued a tornado warning for washington, dc and central maryland, if you are in those areas you should seek shelter immediately or tune to your local weather authority for further information. a tornado warning is very serious.
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and what it means for me. woman 2: i'm tired of the negative ads and political spin. that won't help me decide. man 2: i earned my medicare and social security. and i deserve some answers. anncr: where do the candidates stand on issues that... affe seniors today and in the future? find out with the aarp voters' guide at >>shepard: a tornado warning in the washington, dc area, and now to the extreme weather center: >> we are under the gun in with thed with area and new york city, philadelphia, as well, tornado watches, five of them posted meaning conditions are favorable for tornado activity as we have a cold front moving eastward, we have warm, moist air ahead of that and rotation spot merchandise and around the washington, dc, area. this will be through the afternoon and the evening, the worst time to have severe weather as people try to get hope. we have severe thunderstorm
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warnings ahead and around that front as it continues to push eastward. so, millions upon millions of people are affected by the severe weather event which is going to continue through the afternoon and in through the evening. the storm prediction center issued this red shaded area, moderate risk for not only gusty winds, 50 or 60 miles per hour, but, strong rotation indicating some tornadoes are possible through the afternoon and the evening. of course, we will keep you up to date through "studio b" and through fox report tonight and beyond. >>shepard: a slight risk in the yellow area. hundreds of anti-american protesters broke through a barricade at a consulate in northwest pakistan. the demonstrators threw bricks and flaming balls of cloth at police trying to protect the consulate. in tunisia the state department put out an emergency message to u.s. citizens. the american embassy is closed now to the public. this is after a group linked to al qaeda posted a message online
12:33 pm
calling for muslims to kill all american diplomats in the country. for days now, the demonstrators in dozens of companies say they are mad over a low budget antiislamic film. there is no way to know what everyone's true motivation is or whether the extremists are whipping up the crowd with the video but american voters watching the images and with fewer than 50 days until the election, foreign policy is if you back in the spotlight. both presidential campaigns have broadened their stump speeches to touch on foreign policy and a new angle could sway undecided voters who still have not made up their mines. nbc news poll, 5 percent of voters are undecided in the key spring state of virginia. with five points separating the two candidates, those undecided voters could, again go a long way in shaping the election. and now, the news from virginia, this afternoon. what are the undecided voters
12:34 pm
saying is the top issue, mike? >>reporter: predictable: the economy, jobs, some saying health care, but the undecided in this state are getting bombarded and a last them are saying they are ready for it to be over. i am frustrated because i get all these phone call that i don't want. people call me from the democrat party, the republican party we, want diagnosis know how i will vote. i will decide that when i get to the polls. >> i'm still undecided. it is a close race. my biggest concern is social security issues. my understanding is in 2024, or 2026, social security will go bankrupt, where we are paying out more money than we have coming in. one seems to be taking little interest and they are pushing it off to the next election. >> that is a sample of the people in the credit cat part of the battle ground state, a variety of issues and they are going to be hearing a lot from
12:35 pm
both campaigns in the days and weeks ahead who are trying to get the undecided people to win the critical state. >>shepard: are the demonstrations making it more of an issue for the voters? >>guest: this is a big national security state because of the huge military presence and you have a lot people who are veterans, who now are working for military contractors. yes, some voters said they are very worried about foreign policy. take a listen. >> national security right now is very important to me. i think, i'm not sure our current president really has a grasp on what he needs to do on foreign policy. >> some of the undecided we talk to are thinking one way toward one candidate for certain issues such as foreign policy. other ways, in terms of social issues. the bottom line, they have to figure out teen now and seven weeks from now who they will back. >>shepard: thank you, mike. the generation government's slow
12:36 pm
response to anti-american protests in cairo have stalled talks on $1 billion worth of u.s. aid to egypt. president obama called the new egyptian president, mohammed morsi to express concern of an incident in cairo and now the united states will not give egypt the planned $1 billion in debt relief until after the presidential election. with us now is former state department official who is principle of consulting firm dc international advisory. nice to see you, sir. >>guest: great to be here. >>shepard: help us make sense of this, please. >>guest: well, it is a lot of money, $1.5 billion going to a country where only 20 percent of the petroleum, according to pew research, have a favorable opinion of america. the other 80 percent, either hate us or are not sure.
12:37 pm
$1.5 billion a year, we have given $70 billion since 1948 and a vast preponderance since the 1979 camp david accord. so it does not appear to have much of an effect if the idea is to create people what like america. >>shepard: what if the idea was to create a world where the dictator was in place could keep his people from acting like this and the agreement with israel would remain intact. what if that was the goal. did it work? >>guest: that was a big part of it. it was a deal that egypt and israel got at about the same aid. but the world has changed. we have a secular strong man replaced by islamist president who does not seem to be terribly responsive to antiamericannism and there are other concerns. part of the aid is military. the other part is economic. that is supposed to create growth and egypt middle class but it is hard to see that come out of our aid, either. there is a tremendous amount of corruption in egypt, transparency international gives
12:38 pm
the country 2.9 on a scale of 10 so we could be pouring money into a corrupt economy and corrupt country. >>shepard: is it few there was analysis prior to the fall of the leader before that indicated some of the money he was using to oppress his people, and that now he is no longer there and we sort of pushed for democracy in that region, that maybe this is a callingary tale in what democracy can bring? >>guest: well, that certainly is the case. we gave money to the egyptian military and the egyptian military was key in mubarak's apparatus as the former dictator, his apparatus of keeping down the egyptian people. on the other hand, the egyptian military said we are not going to shoot our own people. this was some violence. but that is when mubarak decided he had to go. it would make sense to give money to the egyptian military if it really was still a moderating force in egypt, if it was a flywheel on the new democratic government. but that doesn't necessarily seem to be the case. in fact, morsi, the islamist
12:39 pm
president who will meet with president obama in new york, sidelined the egyptian military with amazing speed. we thought the military would be in charge of the country for years but he sidelined them. >>shepard: what message does it send to the people would were involved in this democratic process, that we gave money to the dictator who oppressed then, but, now they have a democracy, we will not give them money anymore? is it possible that is how the people might see it? should that be part of the equation? or should that not be part of the equation? >>guest: well, we have to work with a number governments. this is the problem with being a super bowl, you will have cynicism abroad. part of it was the egyptian people did not see a lot of the aid. the report on public diplomacy pointed out we build the entire infrastructure of cairo. the japanese build a single opera house, a highly visible piece of foreign assistance and
12:40 pm
get more credit. and 60 percent of egyptians think that our aid actually harms the egyptian economy, the generation people. so they thing it was more of a cynical ploy for power. however, we have political objectives in the country and we have to work, sometimes, with unsavory people, in order to advance our own interests. >>shepard: thank you, christian, from the los angeles bureau. thank you, christian. >> well, the royal family just score add big legal victory in connection with the pictures that show prince william's wife without a shirt on. of course, i mean, how do you put the toothpaste back in the tube? the pictures of her shirtless are...well, they are out there. if you want to see them you are a click away. details on the royal photo problem coming up. with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain.
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daily caller it has on obtained e-mails that seemed to show the justice department to spin spin news reports in the media. accorded together report. it shows staffers attempting to discredit smevl several unflattering stories. they denied a request from the fox news on this. hello, james. >> reporter: department of justice turned over 69 pages of materials over to the conservative website the daily caller. these documents obtained under the freedom of information act include multiple e-mails from days si smaller. sheet director of public faces affairs. she can be seen according at the liberal outfit media matters. she obliged requests for documents that could be used to undermine the credibility of fox news experiments that somewhat
12:45 pm
tha the sometimes she do it her own. >> we have here e-mailing people and why don't you do a story on this. i saw a story on fox and why don't you attack it. >> six months ago, a tea party figure justin phillips appeared on fox news to advance the disputed claim that fast and fewer just on was groundwork to tougher gun laws. you see this completely false. wide receiver and hernandez to gun tries go operations launched under the bush administration put this to lie. she wrote, adding that there was been lots of coverage in the media on this. they featured the blog post. they have nonprofit to expose media bias but the founder has
12:46 pm
characterized it as the waging of war fox news. the justice department declined to comment and folks person for media matters only if he could appear live. >> shep: james, thank you very much. a court in france has ordered the publisher of a tabloid to hand over digital copies of pictures that show prince williams' wife kate topless. the ruling further blocks publication and threatens the publisher with a $13,000 fine for each day it fails to hand over the photographs. but two other tabloids that have published them and french ruling affects only the french tabloid. trace gallagher this is about
12:47 pm
how secret this shuck. >> this is surrounded by a large park and several hundred yards from a road. they are saying it's private but the magazine says that the terrace was advisable from the road so it was fair game. legal experts because france has stricter privacy laws it's no surprise that the royals won their lawsuit but they would not likely win lawsuits in it lower the united states. listen. >> in the u.s. i think that we've come to believe that if you are doing something and people can look into what you are doing, you don't expect privacy. you wonder if he is being nude at a royal family hasn't acquired that barometer yet. where she can do certain things. >> the magazine says they have 200 pictures of the royal company on that terrace. dpe spite the court ruling more pictures could be coming out.
12:48 pm
>> shep: so the royals monetarily stand to gain very little from the ruling? >> except send out a message and hope the privacy laws get stronger. two other magazines have published of them. one is key magazine in italy. it's owned by silvio berlusconi the irish magazine that published them. but the magazine that posted the pictures of princess diana, the, the very controversial pictures after she died. oh see soe for the royal family it's issue but for the magazine so far it's been win-win. >> damages in france awarded in this matter tend to be very low, magazines and newspapers alleges do a cost benefit analysis and they believe the interests to publish, go to court and then write a check.
12:49 pm
>> you make more money in the wrong run. because the irish magazine published those topless photos, ireland is considering restraining it's privacy laws. trace, thank a lot. >> shep: we all know the drinking age is 21 years old. there is new report that claims many children have had alcoholic beverages by the time this third grade. hello, europe. they say parents for blame and may be causing big problems later. we'll have that for you in just a moment.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
>>. >> shep: new study out that kids that drink and it indicates one in three children in the united states has tried beer, wine or liquor by the time the child is in the third grade.
12:53 pm
many parents think it's okay to give small amounts of booze or something to prevent the kids from becoming heavy drinkers later in life. 40% of mothers say they believe forbidding alcohol increases a desire to try it. you don't let them have it and they want it. the doctors warn the exact opposite is the case. you go to europe and every kid has got a sip of wine all the time. all the moms say this is fine, doesn't hurt anybody? >> european states have a reputation of drink morgue alcohol. this is fascinating study because they look to thousand mothers and they look to third grade children and they interview the children and interview the mothers about whether or not those children being exposed to alcohol. as you say one and three
12:54 pm
children up to age 10 have tried alcohol and its deterrent to drink alcohol in the future. one had five it could protect children against peer pressure so it's a benefit by the mothers. >> shep: and it isn't mothers waisted, here take this and shut up. that i is what happened on at my house. i don't mean they were waisted but you sneak a little wine -- kids will be kids. >> that explains everything. [ laughter ] >> it definitely came from north carolina so it was not a national study but large study. there was a lot of comments made in the "new york times" and the "wall street journal" about people believing that alcohol in the home where it's controlled may be a good thing but there is
12:55 pm
no evidence whatsoever to suggest that alcohol at a young age have any proven benefits. we actually know if you give children alcohol the younger they are and exposed to alcohol the greater risk of being exposed to alcohol problems later in life. if you look at the age of the children, if you give alcohol before the age of ten there is much higher incidence of drinking at 14. >> shep: this third grade stuff. and senior you are about to go off to college, it's time to do this in front of us so later on you don't crash a car. is there a difference between that and third grade? >> there is. >> shep: i don't know? >> the whole point is to highlight the fact that parents should lead by example and children will look to their parents. if are an environment where it's permissive, yes, it's okay to drink alcohol you may be giving
12:56 pm
out the wrong message. there are so many opportunities to educate children about the dangers of alcohol, but the social and psychological danger of alcohol. it's to to educate them and drunk driving and exposed to alcohol you may actually be involved. thank you.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
>>. >> shep: flying tomato has had trouble holding his sauce. olympic national gold snowboarder went on a rampage in his hotel. white pulled a fire alarm and smashed a phone and tried to get away in a taxicab. they say wright went after the guy and fell down on his noggin. that apparently what caused the black eye. is facing charges of vandalism and public intoxication.


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